How Many Children Do You Know?

Children smiling

Jesus loves every child, and it is critical that every child learn that while they are still a child.

"What a child believes at age 13, they will believe for the rest of their life."
George Barna


number of children in North Jersey (Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Sussex and Warren Counties)

85% of decisions for Christ are made before age 15

80% of children do not attend any church or Sunday School regularly

Bible illiteracy in our nation and our area

Child laughing

How many children do you know?

  • They may be your neighbors.
  • They may walk by your house on the way to school or to play.
  • They may be your very own!
  • Jesus loves every single one of them, but if they don't know Him, their lives are incomplete and their eternity is uncertain.
  • 282,000 – It's a staggering number, but reaching each and every child with the Gospel is not just critically important, it's our calling.

It's a big job.

… and together with God's help, we can do it!

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