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Parties Help Churches Reach New Families

Everyone loves a party! The kids who attended the evangelistic Christmas and Easter parties held this club year were no exception.

CEF offered both Christmas and Easter Party training for anyone interested in holding an evangelistic party. Those who attended the training put what they learned into practice as they taught boys and girls why we celebrate these holidays.

Holiday parties were held in our regular Good News Club locations, but two churches expanded their outreach by hosting both evangelistic Christmas parties in December and Easter parties this spring.

As the volunteers for the club enthusiastically planned and prepared, their congregations supported them in prayer and by inviting children from their communities. Many of the children they invited came and heard the Good News of Jesus.

A woman holding visual aid teaches a group of students seated in chairs.
Edie Olson teaches the Bible lesson at the Bethany Church Easter Party in West Orange.
A woman teaches a group of children seated on a carpeted floor. There are balloons and treasure chests in the background.
Yudelki Nunez-Rosario teaches the Bible lesson at the Iglesia Bautista Monte Sion Easter Party in Haledon.

Yudelki Nunez-Rosario, who helped coordinate the party at Iglesia Bautista Monte Sion in Haledon, wrote, “I want to let you know God glorified Himself tremendously at our party. First, we had 52 children who attended, not including the parents that stayed. Sixteen of them placed their trust in Jesus. Praise the Lord for having all the materials through CEF. It really made the preparing process so manageable.

“I can tell you it was a wonderful experience seeing our youth group counseling and being part of the different activities of the party. The children had a lot of fun thanks to all the fun games, lesson, and songs. I really appreciate all the training. Thank you so much for providing all the materials, they helped to reinforce Jesus is the Light of Life.”

At the church’s Easter party they had 30 children attend with six making first-time professions of faith.

Yudelki told us that the children who attended these parties were largely from the community, not children who are part of their church. The church is following up with families whose children attended.

Bethany Church in West Orange also held Christmas and Easter parties using CEF’s curriculum. They also had many local children in attendance: 22 boys and girls at Christmas and 12 for the Easter party.

CEF offers party kits for all occasions, not just Christmas and Easter. Topics range from Valentines to Dinosaurs and Ice Cream to Outer Space.

CEF would love to help your church, small group, or missions team plan and execute a party to help you reach the children and families in your community. We provide training, curriculum, and, if needed, can often provide an experienced worker to help your team.